We are already witnessing the nail-biting competition in the 59th United States Presidential Elections. Both the candidates are extremely close on electoral votes and the decision is too close to call.

The incumbent president Trump believes he has won the hearts of Americans in the past years and will continue to serve as President for the next 4 years. Although, the kind of response he is getting until now has not been a surprise. Trump has a lot of supporters which are easily seen in his country wide “Make America Great Again” campaigns. Although, Trump has been under spotlight for a lot of controversial statements. But still he continues to stay confident and give Joe Biden a tough fight. Trump supporters changed the game for him as he got the majority in highly impactful states including Texas and Florida.

As we all eagerly wait for the results, President Trump has again made a controversial statement before the results.  He claims that fraudulent election practices are under way and the Democratic Party is the one to blame. He even stated that he already considers himself as the winner and will file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against the Democratic Party. This news lead to a plunge in an already fret American Stock Market.

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Donald Trump being the American President and showcasing his highly confident and pleasing personality is not expected to make such statements without any evidence.  Trump still holds a fair chance of winning as he is not far behind on electoral votes from Biden. Trump’s immature behaviour is highly questionable and definitely reflects his insecurity against the Democratic Counterpart.

Joe Biden, the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party is a promising candidate who has once been the Vice President of USA in the times of President Obama. He has made many allegations against Trump regarding his controversies, handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, injustice with the Black Americans, worsening relations with China, abysmal management of healthcare services and making ineffective decisions for American Economy.

Biden replied to Trump’s “Fraud Elections” remark and said “Trump’s allegations are unprecedented and incorrect”.

Effect of US Presidential Elections on India

If Donald Trump wins the elections, India definitely has the advantage as Donald Trump is highly impressed by India and could call a highly profitable trade deal with India, the one which he earlier promised. Also, Trump is against China and India witnessed illegal and inappropriate movement of Chinese Army on Line Of Actual Control. If talks with China worsens and things go out of control then India has its friend USA on board serving as an advantage for Indian Military Operations. Although, the above statement is a confirmation as Donald Trump has recently assured India that he is with the nation if China crosses any limits.

If Joe Biden wins the elections then India might not benefit from it in the short term but it still can help us as the Vice President Kamala Harris is an Indian-Jamaican and might help Indians on her course. Also, Biden talked about India in a recent campaign to grab vote for Indian Americans and said that he is looking forward to building a better relationship with India if he is elected.



Both the candidates are extremely trusted by Americans. We can say that as the results until now has been quite astonishing, unexpected and highly competitive. The opinion polls reflected a clear win for Joe Biden but Trump supporters have showed up in huge numbers and made the final decision highly unpredictable. I hope the spirit of the election and trust on American Democracy is respected as we wait for the American fate