The most important ingredient by nature to our life is wood. Can that be illegally trafficked? Why timber is in so much demand? how big is wood business? what happens when someone do illegal work? what impact does it make on environment and business? Can you even imagine how important is wood to our daily life?

I think this topic is somewhat related to environment but what I feel is my concern towards business. There is a possibility that this might be the right way of doing business by dealing with cartels to a limit. But it only depends on the situation you might be in.

These are the kind of business where your demographic location matters the most.

How big is wood’s Business?

This particular business is not only related to economy but is also concerned with forest department. The global forest products industry, which includes wood product manufacturing, has touched the value of almost $1 trillion in 2018. The main profit to this industry is from the ‘Lumber’. let us talk about the domestic demand of wood. Wood or timber is not directly demanded but it is in demand by the name of furniture which is the finished product of wood. People everywhere using the maximum space in enriching the house with wooden furniture as we have to agree it requires a support of metal and glass to make the most beautiful out of it. This huge demand from domestic parts are bad to environment but lucrative to the business.

Illegal trafficking!

This is about wood forest products like lumber firewood forage etc, transportation, purchase or sale of these forest wood products in violation of laws. Cut down of particular species or extraction of trees in excess is illegal.

50-90% of illegal wood is chopped from Amazonia, central Africa. 40-60% of illegal woods is chopped from the last rainforests of Indonesia. The most shocking 90% of the illegal timber (in USA) is from PERU. Every small or big businessman is directly or indirectly connected to this traffic. The big countries demand for more older trees so that they can make money from customers in the name of oldest existing quality. The trafficking is so big in India that its value is over Rs 40 Billion which make our country the largest illegal exporter after china and Vietnam.

Impact – Environment

There is a very negative impact of this black market as forest ministry keep a close look on these kinds of business but doing such illegal activities won’t let the official data out and we get results as more and more deforestation. The rainforests are adversely affected because they are been chopped at a very high speed. At Some places dense forest are turned into small-small dense areas which is turning a good strategy but when we thought of a longer age the wildlife will not survive in the small dense patches as it is against the nature’s law. Now the officials are making so bad impact on the environment, we have to imagine how bad these criminals are impacting.

Impact – Business

You may be thinking how this trafficking is affecting the business or the economies of the country, wood is a kind of business where suppliers are treated to be the greatest as there are very few numbers of suppliers. The trafficking cartel creates the problem for these suppliers because the report say trafficking has lower down the real timber prices by 7 percent. It’s not about the forest product business, the story remains same for the business man if these kinds of cartel exist.

enviromental impact of business

How is wood and its product connected in life?

From office to your house, From food to the beauty. Every single thing connected to the life of the human is connected from the parts of the forest and products.

Home interior

office interiors

Table chairs, etc

I can’t even count the no. of products on my count you just have to look around and start observing yourself but forest is the important part in our live it is my request to please start saving them ‘SAVE TREES HAVE LIFE’.