I thought of making a YouTube channel which is a easiest thing to start from own. But the question comes to me was about the content and I always use to dream around business and startups. So i read that a developing country always sells off their primary good and same in some industries of India.

I looked around and saw all the ‘services based startups’. These startups are very well developed with the strongest business model. But what I feel is people should also focus on ‘Manufacturing’. This is the word that excites me a lot. Big business magnates have completely changed the manufacturing industry but I want to influence the potential young generation who is thinking of doing a small business. So here is the main part ‘SHOW THE PEOPLE HOW THINGS ARE MADE’.

youtube on paper

Starting a YouTube channel which will cover small factories which make products in bulk and provide it to the ‘unknown customers’, From unknown customers I mean the supplies who provide the product in bulk for big companies like automobile, food, etc. This will influence people to innovative and start ‘manufacturing based startups’.
Things to accept while working on this idea

  • There are high chances that a factory will not allow you to record or show things.
  • YouTube channel requires time to grow. Be ready as you have to be patient enough and keep on working.
  • Actually rejection depends on how you will convince a owner to show his assets.

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