Today, I feel like sharing a few thoughts that come to my mind whenever I use social media. I firmly believe that humans today have surpassed all the psychological barriers of development, and will continue to do it until we are alive. Science and technology have done wonders. And it’s all possible because humans kept on pushing their limits.

Talking to someone who lives in another part of the world would be considered as magic in the mid-20th century. You must be thinking that why am I talking about Science and technology out of nowhere. The question that comes to my mind is, despite having the resources that were once considered impossible, why are we not utilizing it? India has 600 million young people in the country, as per an article by Ian Jack in The Guardian. That number is undoubtedly humongous for a nation with such a diverse population, where half of the country comprises of young people, that opens doors for a lot of opportunities. But, Is the youth making use of such technology and social reach?


I don’t think so. Today, every learner can go and visit various websites and gain knowledge on almost every topic. Internet answers all questions like why, what, when, how. But the youth doesn’t understand the power of the Internet. Social Media aims to make networks and connections across the world. But, the motive for the same has been changing completely. There are numerous apps on app store where youngsters can make videos of themselves mocking a celebrity or a dialogue. This knowingly or unknowingly influences other minds of the nation.

Suppose, a young boy sees a hateful video on these apps. He might not be mature enough to make an opinion and fall in the trap. He can soon be influenced by these videos and spread more hate. Youngsters today are using it for bullying, fun or hatred. I’m not saying all but many. Of course, there are exceptions where Social media positively contributes to the life of an individual.


These apps also provide a platform to showcase their skills. But, remember these are exceptions. A vast majority of the content shared on these apps is meaningless and has an immense negative influence on the viewers. These vary from adverse political effects to caste/religion-based ones. And how can we forget the advertisement business? The Ads that are displayed on most of these apps promote vulgarity and filth. For the sake of making money, these apps display such disgusting advertisements that might destroy the whole life of the viewers by pushing them into an addiction for such indecency.

The main objective of using social media has changed from networking to show off and jealousy. These platforms have turned so venomous that people stalk each other and compare their lifestyles with others and then blame themselves and get depressed for not being able to change it. The whole perception of social media and the Internet has to be changed in the country to make use of such youth for nation’s development. At last, I would say that the Internet has the power to make you or break you. It’s on you to decide.