The major difference between aerospace and aviation is that Aviation deals in aircraft within earth’s atmosphere where as aerospace designs and manufactures the aircrafts for outer space operations.

Despite, aviation boom in India, planes used in the country are manufactured by foreign companies like Airbus, Boeing etc. There is a company named ‘Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’ that manufactures planes and its technology but they are limited to military.

In spite of talent, technology, trade, treaties and a growing user base, there has been a lack of focus on the aircraft manufacturing sector.

Have Indians ever tried to enter in Aircraft Manufacturing ?

Yes, in India not only big business magnates but also government who tried to tie up with Russian agencies and given prototypes were a pure failure. The first prototype was overweight, the second crashed during the test and the third never came.

People have individually tried to enter into the industry and also made a venture with government of Maharashtra. The plan to setup a unit in a 64 hectare of land with the investment of billions of dollars. This plan was a complete failure as they never matched the quality of bombardier, Boeing and other big players in the world have Invested billions of dollars in Research & Development and Technological advancements. This makes it extremely hard for new players in the market to survive in this capital intensive industry.

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Why Airplane manufacturers don’t set-up their business in India?

Companies are not interested in complete shift or a complete manufacturing of a particular category of an aircraft but due to the program of ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ Boeing has decided to set a manufacturing of 2-seater plane. The manufacturing companies have a good business in India as they provide labor, IT services, manufacturing raw materials and many other things. The companies say when it comes to manufacturing of an aircraft in India, they have to import each and every small part required for manufacturing. From labor to raw material. civil technology, safety software which are not easily available in India. Instead of importing majority of things from other countries why not to setup a unit in a more suitable location.

Does India manufactures anything related to aircraft?

So, if you are purchasing an aircraft or leasing it then you cannot change their parts and components. Aviation is a widespread industry, directly or indirectly many things are exported from India to different companies. Ifour technolab is the leading custom aviation software developer. Talking about technological development there are startups like ‘zestlot’, ‘eflight’, ‘verteil‘, etc. these startups are working for management pilots, airports and also tracking of the customers. There are companies which give MRO (Maintenance Service Operation) services, provide aircraft and product support to a limited extent.

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The big names Lockheed martin, Bombardier, Gulfstream and the two most popular Boeing and Airbus. These companies manufacture the aircraft for the name sake but seeing it through the plane is essential as every important part is first manufactured then assembled in the aircraft.

The United States of America: It is the manufacturer of the most famous Boeing aircraft in the world.

France, Germany, Spain and Britain: All these countries participate in the manufacturing of the competing plane for Boeing, which is “Airbus”.

Russia: Its warplane industry constitutes an important part of the Russian economy. They talk in billions, from research to assemble.

Numbers are numerous!

The aviation industry employees a big number of people. Around 65 million personnel are working for this big industry. The aviation sector is so big that if it is a country if would have ranked below 20th. It supports around $3.5 Trillion which almost 4.1% plot the worlds GDP. By 2038, global air transport is forecast to support 143 million jobs and contribute $6.3 trillion to the global economy bigger than 90% of the countries. The Aviation sector in India currently contributes $72 bn to GDP. India’s aviation industry is expected to witness $ 4.99 billion investment in the next four years. The Indian Government is planning to invest $ 1.83 billion for development of airport infrastructure along with aviation navigation services by 2026